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September 8th – 19th, 2021

The project it´s abroad into PROYECTOR/Video Art Festival. In the 14 edition of the festival we present around 80 artists in 13 venues of the city of Madrid.
Now, the first edition of Loops.Expanded in Madrid presents a selection of works from an International Open Call that received more than 250 entries by artists from 43 countries. Of the 18 works selected by the network of curators, 3 will be exhibited in Madrid. Each of the 3 videos, by artists from Italy and Portugal curated by Mario Gutiérrez Cru and Araceli López (Loops.Expanded).
A parallel program consisting of interviews with the artists and a closing conference will be announced shortly.

The network, founded in 2019, expands the original initiative of Loops Lisboa started in 2015. Loops.Expanded founders are curators and organizations from the field of video art from five different countries: António da Câmara (Duplacena / Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon – Portugal). Mario Gutiérrez Cru & Araceli López (PROYECTOR, Madrid – Spain); Sandra Lischi (Ondavideo, Pisa – Italy); Tom Van Vliet (WWVF, Amsterdam – Netherlands); Jaqueline Beltrame and Alisson Avila (Cine Esquema Novo collective (Porto Alegre – Brazil) and Irit Batsry and Alisson Avila (Loops.Lisboa / Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon – Portugal).


Catherine Radosa (Checoslovaquia): Motherland 2017-20, 4:49
Emanuele Dainotti (Italy): SANTA MARÍA 2018; infinite loop
Hasan Daraghmeh (Palestine): The Door 2020, 8:00
Kika Nicolela (Brazil): Actus 2010, 16:00
Marc Clemente (Spain / Morocco): Gnawa Collective: Intrusion or Resource? 2020, 9:01
Nacho Recio (Spain): Ant 2014, 15:00
Shahar Marcus (Israel): Dig 2019, 5:35
Tseng Yu Chin (Taiwan): Shivering Wall; 2019, 10:01
W. Mark Sutherland (Canada): America a Videopoem 1988, 04:04


Nacho Recio


Shahar Marcus