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Loops.Lisboa 2015

The National Museum of Contemporary Art- MNAC .
October 14th 2015 –  JAN 4th. 2016

Winner: O Retrato de Ulisses, by João Cristóvão Leitão
Cascade, by João Pedro Fonseca
Travel Shot, by Francisca Manuel and Elizabete Francisca

Selection Jury: Irit Batsry, António Câmara Manuel
Award Jury: Emilia Tavares (president), Conrado Uribe, Alisson Avila

A conference by Delfim Sardo about the concept of the loop completed the activities of Loops.Lisboa 2015.

Without the loop, there would be neither film nor video art. Its cyclic logic of repetition, which originally turned inertia into movement, accompanied the most diverse forms of original expression during the last two centuries. From the optical pre-cinematic devices (Phenakistoscope, Zootrope, Kinetoscope) to the work of Duchamp, artists of the pop art movement and then Dan Graham, Martin Arnold and Harun Farocki among others, the loop shows an enviable vitality as an essential element of the audiovisual language and is still being reinvented.

Regardless of the period, the possibilities of the loop depend only on the creativity of those who manipulate the image in relation to the space, time and the environment of projection and/or intervention.

For this inaugural edition of Loops.Lisboa we received over a hundred works that together present a rich visual, conceptual, performative, narrative and cinematic diversity. It is with extreme difficulty that three finalists were chosen among the many excellent submissions.

LOOPS.LISBOA, as part of Festival Temps D’Images 2015 is proud to present, in collaboration with the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado, three contemporary examples representative of artists’ ongoing probe of this essential unit of moving image language.

Alisson Avila e Irit Batsry





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