Loops Expanded 2021-2022 Open Call has ended:
Thank you for your participation!

Loops Expanded international network is pleased to inform that 110 works from 40 countries (plus international co-productions) have been submitted. Artists and collectives have sent single or multiple channel video work exploring the idea and concept of the Loop.

Selection results are expected to be released before the end of October. All Loops Expanded open call submissions will be selected by the network’s partners, and each partner will choose and exhibit locally one or more works from the annual selection. Depending on local conditions, the form of the exhibition could include shows or screenings in museums, galleries, theatres or outdoors screenings.

What we are looking for

This is not an itinerant exhibition, but rather a network ongoing experiment: we want to explore an interrelated and interdependent approach in a global video art landscape and empower different perspectives relating to a unique form.

From pre-cinema and the mechanical movement of creating moving images, up to the present time of computational, sound and audiovisual “infinite loops”, and even the ephemerality of GIFs, loops are still everywhere and the possibilities are truly countless, creating a naturally fertile ground for artists.

Beyond formal rigour, but without ever excluding it, we understand the Loop as every video artwork capable of providing a cyclical and fluid experience even in transitory situations. Regardless of the trigger and/or device used, and whether from a minimal visual unit or a longer elliptical narrative, Loops Expanded wants to select and display works exploring a pulsar, a continuous flow, a perpetual movement, an idea in positive permanence.