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World Wide Video Festival

From 1982 to 2004 WWVF has presented 22 editions of its media art festival. WWVF has always been, and will continue to be, a platform for media artists to present their work. For many of these artists it would have been their first appearance in an international setting. The festival included all forms of media art: single screen (video, film, net-art, cd-rom) installations and performance art. The exhibitions and presentations took place at various locations, such as the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Melkweg Amsterdam, to name but a few. Each edition has been documented in an extensive catalogue. WWVF has also initiated the commission of numerous new works by artists. At present World Wide’s activities are focused on developing a 360 Degree Panorama, a series of large-screen video projections for public spaces, and the opening up of the collection for exhibitions and screenings.

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