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Sandra Lischi

Researcher and full professor carrying out her teaching and research activity in the field of “Cinema, Photography and Television”, University of Pisa.

She has carried out research and teaching activities in the field of cinema and audiovisual studies for over forty years. She has extended these studies and teaching options to video art and the artistic use of new media.

Her research activities are concentrated on the language and aesthetics of electronic images, experimental and independent cinema, video art, innovative television and the changes in the media panorama in the light of the latest technologies, themes which she has covered in numerous monographs, essays in volumes, contributions in journals, articles, books and catalogues.

She has carried out research, taught and held conferences and seminars in universities, institutes and cultural centres in various European and non-European countries. In her field of study, she has devised and carried forward cultural initiatives, exhibitions, and festivals at local, national and international level and has collaborated in productive and operational activities.

She has been running the “Ondavideo” events and screenings in Pisa since 1985 and she is co-director of the international INVIDEO Festival, Milano (born in 1990).


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