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Cine Esquema Novo (CEN)

Cine Esquema Novo (CEN) has emerged in 2003 in Porto Alegre, southernmost Brazil, from a necessity for exhibition and discussion of Brazilian moving image works committed to more contemporary aesthetical choices and proposals: at that time, independent films, dedicated to exploring genres, formats and length diversities still weren’t exhibited in regular festivals in Brazil, usually focused on full-length / short or film / video straight divisions.

Over time, CEN has been dedicated to exhibit, think, debate and encourage the country’s contemporary production, and also support the in-between artists’ community built around video installations, movie theatre screenings and commissioned projects, advocating a broader approach of “film” experience and space. The festival has been acknowledged as a first appearance opportunity to a myriad of artists from all over the country, becoming a convergence point to the ones interested in exploring upcoming names. Along the years, it had established partnerships such as with 9ª Mercosul Bienniale, Goethe-Institut and Berlinale Forum Expanded / Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, amongst many others.

Cine Esquema Novo is a collective composed by Alisson Avila, Gustavo Spolidoro, Jaqueline Beltrame and Ramiro Azevedo.

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