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Mario Gutiérrez Cru

Madrid, Spain. 1979. Graduated in Fine Arts University UPV (Spain), artist, curator and creative.

Works presented in MNCARS – Museum National Centro Arte Reina Sofía, Fair JustMad, Loop-Barcelona; Canal de Isabel II; C.C.C.B., BBVA Foundation , Palais Tokyo – París, C. C. España – Dominican Republic; Museum Oaxaca-MACO, Museo ARAD Rumany, Telefónica de Lima Foundation.

At present Mario is in charge of KREÆ [Institute of Contemporary Creation], from 2009-24. Main projects that had collaborated or curated: PROYECTOR, moving images platform several venues in 10 countries 2008-24; Van master VEM – Videoarte Em Movimento 2021-24; Curator of the art space Cruce 2019-23; DVD Project, international video art show 2008-24; The internacional project Loops.Expanded 2019-2024; Colectivos en red*, Online collective art 2007-20. Curator of the fair Art Madrid, 2019-22. Coordinator of the visual art festival Open Studio, 2019. the residences space A B I E R T O Theredoom, 2017, Madrid. Founder of the experimental art space Espacio Menosuno, Madrid, from 2000-10. Co-founder of IN-SONORA. displays and interactive sound art from 2005 to 2010. Other projects: Couture’s, Strasbourg 2008; Interference 09 y 11, Breda; Saout Meeting, Tetuán 2009; Sound Res, Salento 2009; Nit´s de Aielo i art, Valencia 2009; ARTe SONoro, La Casa Encendida, Madrid 2009, Decibelio 06, ARTJaén 2012-17, IMERGÊNCIA, Epipiderme in Lisboa, or Abierto de Acción, 2012-20. FONLAD 2011-17.

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