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In 2003/4, Manuel António Câmara, then director of Eira, brings, produces and hosts in Portugal the Festival Temps d’images. Because this festival overflowed the objectives of Eira, he than creates DuplaCena, structure whose purpose is the realization, production and promotion of festivals, performing arts and multimedia, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, in addition to technical research related to the activity in question.

In this context and in a unique complicity with the most prestigious cultural venues of Lisbon, DuplaCena produces and presents artistic objects, resulting from the crossing of the performing arts and image, recognizing and encouraging the emergence of new proposals.

DuplaCena persisted to extend the range of its activities, focusing on a regular operation that includes, among other projects, the Festival Temps d’Images, a network of ten European countries in collaboration with ARTE and FUSO – International Festival of Video Art of Lisbon.
The structure has, among its objectives, the dissemination of works and increased awareness of Portuguese artists and their works in Portugal and abroad. It also seeks to bring the Portugal international recognized artists, providing a dialogue with the very best in terms of creation made in Portugal and abroad.

DuplaCena’s proposal to Clara Andermatt and FJ Ossang to develop a project, for presentation at Festival Temps d’Images 2006, gave rise to «Silence». In addition to ensuring the ongoing artistic dialogue between the two creators, DuplaCena became the producer FJ Ossang ‘s movie, with the same name, which won the PRIX JEAN VIGO 2007 and was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Festival 2007.

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