Shivering wall

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Tseng Yu Chin
Shivering wall

There’s four single-channel displayed in a huge dark room with rectangle shape. The video would be projected on two short side and one long side respectively in the room. The last space would be covered a black flannel and with bass speaker on it for producing strong low frequency movement. It’s a self-examined process for assess your present time. In the regular bass sound surround space, you could find there’s a few teenagers are having a madness house party, and there’s a girl awake but exhausted for being there. There’s a slightly smog or light gently but regularly move in the space. The smog represented a spiritual inside a space. It could be the spiritual from you or others. It’s like you are just in a conference or a party and suddenly there’s something pull your spirit away from your body. It makes you look at yourself in a different angle, but you’re still in the group. What would you do and what’s the connection between you and others? If the smog was another you – a same existence from another world to look at your body in this group full of chaos and desired. However, there’s nothing you can changed as a member in this group. All you can do silently look down at your body, and move away quietly.