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Hasan Daraghmeh
The Door


“The process is the project is the production is the product of repetition, accumulation, and then, erasure. Like a minimalist composition, we (think) we know where this is going, and part of the fascination is that we need to find out if our prediction is correct. Doors are opened and doors are closed. This is something that is both actual and metaphorical. Our knowledge of time and space is built that way. Repetition and rhythm are structures that are close to the core of things. The beating of our heart for as long as we live. The succession of days and nights, of nights and days, and the seasons in which those days and nights occur. Construction and deconstruction. As the screen fills with little boxes, a sort of architecture is built. Then it is systematically unbuilt. The film must loop, the processes will not end. The audience may be mesmerised, sort of hypnotised, if they give themselves up to the artworks inner logic, if they give the time it takes for the work to take its time.” “Jeremy Welsh”