Marc Clemente

Born in Barcelona he started to study Architecture at the “Escola Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura Barcelona” (ETSAB) in 2008. After some time, he crosses the Atlantic Ocean to continue his studies in Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Guadalajara (Mexico). Already residing in LATAM, specifically in Lima (Perú) Marc gathers as well a long collaborations history with Enrique Normand Fort Studio, and “Mas uno studio” by Maya Ballén and Peter Seinfeld. In this city he will discover a new facet as an audiovisual producer collaborating professionally as a cameraman, artistic director and musician at Rana Estudios. In 2016, after finishing Architecture and with the aim of satisfying the innate creative restlessness that characterizes him, he decided to start alone as a promoter and producer of the documentary «Interactions Colombia». A musical project that will transport the viewer to the deepest roots of Colombian folklore by the renowned Valencian jazz player Alberto Tarín. After the success of the documentary in 2017 and a brief professional experience as creative director in a “start up” with headquarters in Barranquilla, he decided to return to Spain in 2017 and set a course in the field of visual and performative arts with the Gnawa Collective project. An ensemble brought up from the alchemy and alive gnawa and sufi cultural expression, connected with jazz, abstract photography and video-art.

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