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O Retrato de Ulisses

“Ulysses’ Portrait” is a giddy journey through time and through literature. A journey where Ulysses is entrapped by the mechanism that is the loop, which operates at a narrative level, at a spatio-temporal level (given the use of a single sequence shot) and at a visual level (by means of the constant reuse of the same imagery material).
After all, “Ulysses’ Portrait” is nothing more than an act of questioning human identity when confronting it with the possibility of time’s circularity and with its objective and subjective durations. Ulysses is Ulysses. However, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t, simultaneously, Cervantes, Pierre Menard, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Homer, Tchekhov, Nietzsche, Borges and, undoubtedly, myself as well.

Directing, Sound, Editing, Production and Voice-Over: João Cristóvão Leitão | Texts (basead on): Anton Chekhov, Friedrich Nietzsche and Jorge Luis Borges | With: Duarte Amaral Soares | Assitant, Direction: Marta Ribeiro | Assitant, Production: Joana Peralta | Post Production of Images and Assitant Editor: Miguel Leitão | Sound Recording and Post Production of Voice-Over: Manuel Ramos | Translation: Ana Pessanha