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Francisca Manuel e Elizabete Francisca

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Beyond the enormous possibilities of a space, of what it can convoke or suggest, we are mostly interested in thinking about the potentiality of the action, the potentiality of the acting, the potentiality of what a matter (or someone) can convoke and create. This seems to be the engine for a transformation, for the creation of another reality that can be a reaction to this state of things, which is apparently numb and anesthetized, existing in the form of a sedative to soothe the soul, the general mood and the power of imagining.

So, we thought…. this could work as if a space was originally in a limbo, waiting for a meaning, a meaning that approaches, with the idea of creating states of existence. This state of being can only exist in a continuous flux of information that crosses us. We are made of memories, facts, desires, and impulses and of all that we do not yet know.
This vital state of being is only possible if we carry with us what was and what will be, in a here and now that is broadly porous and available. Permeability in handling the sense of things is a way of seeing. Space expands, and when Time is manifold anything can happen. Perhaps we can call this choice, in a contradiction will always escape:

“If I was where I would be then I’ll be where I am not, would be, I am not” (Katie Cruel, Karen Dalton)
Creation: Elizabete Francisca and Francisca Manuel | Directing, Camera and Editing: Francisca Manuel | Interpretation: Elizabete Francisca | Audio Post Production: Paulo Machado  | Production: Elizabete Francisca and Francisca Manuel | Thanks: Duarte Martins, Paula Pereira, Susana Batel.