Javier Olivera

Javier Olivera (1969, Buenos Aires, Argentina). From the crossing of disciplines (painting, photography, video, installation, object, cinema), Olivera addresses the relationship between memory and identity as a builder of the individual and social being. Coming from a film industry background, he applies expertise and technology gained in that terrain to create independent works in order to preserve a personal discourse and production resources with no ties to industrial standards. Initially trained in painting with Argentine artists Luis Felipe Noé and Eduardo Stupía, he later studied film and video at UCLA, US, and Iberoamerican literature at Fundación José Ortega y Gasset of Spain. In film has written and directed the feature El visitante (1999) and the documentary features Mika, mi guerra de España (2013); La sombra (2015) and La extraña. Notas sobre el (auto) exilio (2018). Has given seminars and lectures in Film and Art academies from Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Cuba y Spain. Alongside, Olivera has developed since 1990 a body of work that covers paintings, photographs, videos and video installations that have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Argentina (This is Just to Say, 2015, MACBA; Capilla, 1994 / FASE 3, 2011, Centro Cultural Recoleta; Si el cuerpo es el templo, el rostro es su altar, 2013, Fundación OSDE; Imágenes equivocadas, 2000, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes; Panteón de los Héroes, 2012 / Devenir libres: historias desde la potencia, 2016, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bahía Blanca; Intersticios, 2012, Alianza Francesa, La mirada oculta, 2014, Rolf, Un momento aquí, 2008, VVV Gallery, Pinturas, 1997, GARA, entre otros) and abroad (Doc Fortnight, 2019, MOMA, US; Entre Linguas: Video Experimental Argentino, 2016, Museu da Imagen e o Som, Brazil; Kölner Nacht, 2016, Museum Ludwig, Germany; La Maison, 2017, Gallerie Zola, France; This is Just to Say, 2015, Tabakalera, Spain, among others). His works can be found in private collections of France, Argentina and the US. He lives and works between Madrid, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina.