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A short film that aims to be a humble experiment in articulating images and the poetic verses of the famous speech of Ulysses, in the Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri («Inferno», 112-120 canto XXVI). The verses are recited in loop. The images portray themes that repeat rhythmically throughout the film: «the everyday life», «the loneliness», «the emptiness», «the absence», «the search for something».
Although there is no lack of visual suggestions, this short film certainly does not have the objective of figuratively filming Dante’s Ulysses, but, on the contrary, it is an attempt to go beyond representation and create a dialectical relationship between sound and image. Ulysses, by nature, is a failed Ulysses, who knows the painful aporia between the lack of meaning in things and the extreme need to make sense of things. And in a certain sense, we are all failed Ulysses.

The short film Ulysses was exhibit at the Lisbon’s Film and Theatre School (during Masters’s Degree)