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White Slab is a single take of two cameras covering 180º of opposing cardinal directions of an island.
The island is a white, rocky and bare, surrounded by a distant mountainous landscape. A man walks around the edge of its outer perimeter. His movement and that of the waves are the only two moving elements in an otherwise deeply static scenario.
The elliptical path of the person reveals the rock formation and suggests a suspension. The author’s research, especially in painting and video installation, has been devoted to the possibilities and extensions of the landscape. It carries out a practice committed to a phenomenological approach – the landscape as a lived landscape. It includes as part of his work process expedition and long walks. It seeks an autonomous encounter between the present body and the place.
This work presents the tension between formulating a landscape and the consciousness of formulating it. Projecting the landscape to the outside as filtered through prosthetic eyes, but return, to what is seen as one who does not yet have the capacity to be aware of what he sees.

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