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Atypical, but nevertheless obliged to declare itself, CRUCE declares itself a Cultural Association (specifying below and revealingly: non-profit). Association because it can only be proud of the fact that it has existed uninterruptedly since 1993 thanks to the fees of its members. Cultural, because it belongs unequivocally to the field of culture, having nevertheless verified throughout its existence how much the concept of culture itself has changed as well as the role given to it within a society both hungry and paradoxically full of cultural activity.

CRUCE has practiced from its beginnings until today a radical lack of definition and has avoided by all means to answer the question «what is CRUCE». It does not try to avoid having a well-defined purpose. For many reasons, indefinition has been and is essential to CRUCE’s existence. Only this lack of definition guarantees it to be in possession of the authority to express itself with the necessary freedom of someone who knows he is independent by the mere fact of not taking himself and not being considered as the representative of anything or anyone, unconcerned with responding to his being and moving towards an end that confirms him in his existence, since he does not want to be anything.

As an association, CRUCE unwittingly constitutes an associative model in at least one fundamental aspect: because its members and friends collaborate in its existence precisely by ignoring from the outset what it is that they keep alive and that, for this very reason, it only exists thanks to the trust that no one else but them places in the scope of their company. Therefore, regardless of the many activities that take place within CRUCE, without which CRUCE obviously could not exist, what matters first and foremost to its partners is that CRUCE exists.

In exchange for the question against which CRUCE has been struggling from the outset («What is CRUCE?»), another question has taken shape in CRUCE, considered more fundamental than the previous one: «What to do with CRUCE?» A question launched as a challenge to the meeting of all its senses, which summarizes with its formulation the scope of its ambition, not only because it proposes a task with, but also because there is an underlying non-task necessarily shared by those who, in spite of this and without knowing it, continue to form a community.



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