Anna Gimein

Anna Gimein came to the visual arts from a background in dance and music. She began working with action art and video, the human figure and its movement continuing to be an expressive means for what occurs inside us. In time, her work has acquired a multi-disciplinary approach, depending on the nature of each project. The audio-visual works have come to tend towards film, while in other works, the conceptual aspect has taken on a material presence in the form of object or installation. The written and spoken word is another important aspect of her work, with projects based on texts ranging from personal essays or literary works to transcriptions of police interrogations. In audiovisual works, the interest in language also translates into a focus on the visual presentation of written language, and on voice and sound as elements of equal importance to the image. Gimein’s work has been shown at events and venues such as Proyector Festival de Videoarte (Madrid); Schlachten International Contemporary Arts Festival Displaced 2015 (Luchenwalde, Germany); FAAC 2015 (Cuenca, Ecuador); Transperformance I & II (Rio de Janeiro); Limits of Landscape (Sala Proceso, Ecuador); Intermediae, Matadero Madrid; Acción!Mad (Madrid); The Big Screen Project (New York); BIDA XVII (The International Biennial of Sports in the Arts, Gijon); Artifariti (Western Sahara); Indomitable Women (BAC Festival de Video, Fundación Miró & CCCB, Barcelona); Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre (Cuba); or the Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Almería en Corto.