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A construction site, far from simply being a construction site, is a living theater.
At first glance, visual bands with various temporalities wander in disorder on the screen, creating a visual choreography that appears random at first glance  . However, one just needs to concentrate for a moment on the images to discover a subtle orchestration of time. The bands cross one another, overlap, unite, while highlighting the real actors of this epic: the craftsmen, the materials, the structure. Workers move in harmony between concrete and metal. Their movements are precise, almost choreographed. They fold, assemble, and in their mechanical dance, they build tangible dreams. As with a ballet, the eye cannot be everywhere at once and makes choices to wander through this space. The format of this non-narrative video of more than 2 hours allows the viewer to never approach it in the same way, through the same angle. And therefore to rediscover it differently each time. This video is a slowly unfolding experience, just like the construction captured in it, and delves deep into the long-term.
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