Helena Ferreira

Helena Ferreira (Lisbon, 1982) is a visual artist and develops her work in the field of installation, video, and drawing. Her body of work focuses on the multiple perceptual and narrative processes that can arise from the individual’s relationship with the landscape and the world around. To explore these issues, she often works with projection as a material, as a theme and animistic phenomenon and not, exclusively, as a technological or audiovisual medium. Over the past decade Helena Ferreira has shown her artwork in Portugal and abroad, has curated art exhibitions, has been invited to present conferences, seminars and workshops. She has authored articles and book chapters, as well as co-edited essay books and catalogues. Helena was also co-coordinator of the Post-Screen: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures between 2013 and 2017. She graduated in Sculpture and has a PhD in Art and Multimedia by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University, having been supported with an FCT scholarship.