Antone Israel

Born in Brussels in 1988, he lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).

Initially driven by his cinephilia, Antone Israel joined at the age of 17 the collective «Les films à Rayures», a collective of variable geometry shooting exclusively in super 8 with which he made several short films and a medium-length film, and for which he will occupy the role of projectionist during performances, halfway between happening and cinema.

Gradually abandoning a purely cinematographic practice for a plastic practice, Antone Israel reintegrates conceptual, narrative and formal issues resulting and codified by cinema in sculptural and installation devices.

After a stint at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, a few exhibitions, a curatorial position at the ASBL Project(ion) Room and much diverse and varied work, he now devotes himself exclusively to his focus as a visual artist. artist exploring through installation, video, film and writing, the conceptual corollaries of the moving image and its various perceptual constructions/deconstructions.



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