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Miguel Escobar
An Image of a Façade


In this video a film-still of the movie “Blow” (Ted Demme, 2011) representing a geographical location is dissected. In that process the landscape of the image becomes a space of mere facades, one composed of fragile bidimensional elements. This visual appearance makes reference to the space of a film set, as well as the concept of the architechtural facade, that is an outer face, representative of a building. Such set of heterogeneous elements seems to be present in more than one place at the same time. That happens, for instance, when the mansion in the center of the film still is described first as Georgian architecture, then as narco-architecture, then as similar to the white house, then as a mansion in Los Angeles Boulevard. That building corresponds visually with these different things at the same time and, as a consequence of that, it is difficult to know who or what is being represented by its facade.