Terry Berkowitz

Terry Berkowitz began her career with public works in urbanscapes (Chicago and New York) and short films reflecting on sociological issues. Working mainly with installation over the last few decades, she utilizes whatever medium (or media) will best serve the content of the work (mainly political and social issues). She has blended sculptural elements, audio, slide projections, film projections, photography and/or video; often including interviews as a main component. She has traveled extensively to research works that have included subjects as wide-ranging as the lives of Palestinians under occupation, rape and its resonances in the lives of women , and forced expulsions around the world. Berkowitz has had solo exhibitions including Empty Circle in Brooklyn, NY; the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston; the Joseloff Gallery at the Hartford Art School in Connecticut; Anderson Gallery at Virginia Commonwealth University; The Alternative Museum, NY; PS1in Long Island City; 112 Green Street Workshop in New York; and elsewhere in addition to those mentioned above. Grants include NEA, CAPS, NYFA, NYSCA, Jerome Foundation. She is also a Fulbright Scholar.



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