Nelton Pellenz

My work in visual arts started back in 2005 through the video. Since then my work has mainly dealt with nature motifs – specially water – as a way to describe numberless perceptions and sensations. I try to extract the singular poetic aspects of everyday situations and create some tensions between reality and fiction by pointing the camera to capture random events. For my work with video I often use the camera fixed to a single position, sequential planes and dilated time in an attempt to apprehend the senses of the spectators. While working with photography I seek to revisit the daily life, the surroundings and landscapes, proposing manners to re-signify them by using special filters (external or camera in-built) to achieve desired effects. I also record situations where nature will visually modify and change the space in a random process. From what I call «drift process», the work is characterized by subtleties, silences and immersive narratives. Since 2006, I have participated in the collective ‘Cine Água’ in partnership with the artist Dirnei Prates. The work of the collective involves video, photography and organization of exhibitions in unusual spaces. Currently I live and work in Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.



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