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Jorge La Ferla, born in Argentina, is a Master of Arts from the University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Paris VII, Vincennes, 1982, is Full Professor and Chair of the Chair of the University of Buenos Aires and La Universidad del Cine en Argentina. His trayectoria also includes work as a teacher and curator in Universities of Colombia, Brazil Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, Canada, United States and Spain. He was the founder and artistic director of the Euroamerican Film Festival, Video and Digital Arts (MEACVAD), in Buenos Aires.

Director of video art, television and multimedia. Productor, teacher and editor of an important number of books from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, including any video books (1992), media landscape (2000), El Medio es el diseño (1998), Video scriptures: Jean-Paul Fargier (1995), The video revolution, Film, video and multimedia, The break from the audiovisual (2001), Contaminaciones del videoarte al multimedia (1997), De la Pantalla al arte transgénico (2000), Muntadas cons Texts (2002), El Medio es el audiovisual design (2007), Cine (y) digital, (2009), Technological Nomadisms (2011), Audiovisual Territories (2012).


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