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APORIA is the first result of our research on hesitation as a psycho-physical condition and as an attitude that opposes the arrogance of always knowing where to go/what to do/what to say. With APORIA we would instead like to investigate the moment in which we remain stranded, entangled in “Meanwhile”, in the bifurcation, in the hesitation in which one withdraws from the story to evaluate the “if” and “how” to orient oneself in the continuation of the action. Progress is replaced by stasis, or near immobility. A restrained movement (a storm held back) a cohabitation of opposing forces. Time participates in its inexorable cycle. Eternal returns or renewed departures. False departures and missed continuations. Against the rhetoric of exclaiming. A restart, start again, stand in the middle, swing. Cells that are generated and then fade out. Or they change due to lateral variations. For nuances. For returns and subversions of the speech. For references. Matches. Sudden bumps and abrupt interruptions. In the interval, what is usually considered a waste, a little meaningless for the development of history.